Mobile recycling could get you the iPad

28 May 2010 — 8:16 PM

Mobile recycling an option to get an iPad?

Mobile recycling may be an option that consumers wish to consider to get the hands on the Apple iPad.

The new device has been launched in the UK today (May 28th) and might tempt people looking for a way to access the internet on a portable device.

Very high demand caused a postponement of the iPad's original end of April launch date.

Recent findings from TNS Research suggested 27 per cent of Londoners surveyed stated they intend to buy one.

John Tearle, a research consultant in the technology division at the company, said: "I think primarily it could be used for internet. A lot of interest is for that. While things like smartphones and iPhones have internet with touchable screens, it's not quite the same experience."

He added the internet capability and large screen of the iPad seem to be the features that are attracting the most interest from consumers.

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