Mobile recycling could get you connected

28 May 2010 — 1:27 PM

Mobile phone users may wish to use the internet on the move.

Consumers may wish to recycle their old mobile phone for cash with Envirofone for money to put towards a device that is compatible with on-the-go internet.

The network has unveiled MiFi, a pocket-sized wireless device that allows customers to connect to the web on up to five WiFi-enabled devices at any given time.

Marc Allera, sales and marketing director at Three, suggested MiFi gives connected devices such as tablets the chance to be truly mobile as it "allows our customers to connect to the internet wherever they are".

"Three's network is designed to give our customers the very best experience of the mobile internet," he said.

He added the company currrently has the largest 3G network in the UK and is working to make it bigger and better for customers.

Three recently announced its data plans for the Apple iPad, available in the UK from today (May 28th), with Wi-Fi and 3G offered from £7.50 per month.

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