Sell an old mobile and gain access to email on-the-go

7 June 2010 — 4:10 PM

Sell an old mobile and gain access to email on-the-go

People who have been given cash for recycling their old mobile phone may be among those currently enjoying the Ovi Mail service.

Ovi Mail, the email system that comes with each Nokia phone, is now home to more than ten million unique accounts, the telecommunications firm has announced.

Mobile phones are becoming the "default" device for most of the email-using world, Nokia states.

It is imperative to own a handset capable of offering the ability to check mail on-the-go in the modern world, as people switch from calls and letters to electronic messaging.

Consumers currently without such a mobile could choose to sell their old phone and put the money towards a Nokia model that lets them remain in touch with their correspondence wherever they are.

Not only would this allow access to an Ovi Mail account, it would also add to Nokia's sales of more than one billion devices a year.

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