Britons 'losing out on benefits of mobile phone recycling'

21 June 2010 — 4:00 PM

Britons 'losing out on benefits of mobile phone recycling'

A significant number of people in the UK are missing out on the benefits of recycling an old mobile phone due to a number of factors.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) believes 40 per cent of Britons are unable to part with an item they are fond of.

Meanwhile, some 41 per cent hold on to belongings – such as a mobile phone – in the hope they will come in handy one day.

But this could mean they are losing out financially, with cash up for grabs to those who choose to recycle their used handset.

"Many people don't know what to do with their working items once they've been replaced with newer versions," explains Mike Lucas, director of retail at the British Heart Foundation - which is set to benefit from a Recycle Week being organised by Defra.

The Sutton Guardian recently reported residents of the London borough were being offered prizes as an incentive to indulge in mobile phone recycling.

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