Recycling mobile could help purchase of email-friendly iPad

22 June 2010 — 12:18 PM

Recycling mobile could help purchase of email-friendly iPad

Consumers who rely on their mobile for emailing could recycle their used phone and switch to an Apple iPad.

Google's Gmail app has been specially updated to make electronic communication easier than ever, with a new wide keyboard and viewing pane available, according to the Google Mobile Blog.

It means more text is available at any one time, while the distractions around the edge of the screen on previous versions of the email program are no longer present.

Apple iPad chiefs have also fixed an error with the app that saw some users struggle to scroll through particularly long messages.

Such improvements may combine to make the iPad the perfect mobile device for those who require communication on the go – and it could now be worth recycling an existing phone for.

Users who cash in on the model they currently own may also be in the best financial position to purchase the Apple product, with any money gained from recycling potentially put towards the acquisition.

Apple is currently preparing to release its latest technology, the iPhone 4, which is due out in the UK this week.

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