Selling old mobile may help consumers access new Google Maps

23 June 2010 — 4:29 PM

Selling old mobile may help consumers access new Google Maps

People who sell an old mobile phone and put the proceeds towards a new device that runs on the Android operating system will enjoy an enhanced version of Google Maps.

According to the Google Mobile Blog, two new features will be present on the technology when it is used with the latest app.

Firstly, it will offer owners a snapshot of reviews and opinions on a variety of places on the map – such as restaurants, tourist attractions and shops.

A colour-coded bar on the display gives an illustrative gauge of how positive fellow users are about each venue.

Also included on the updated version of the navigation tool is improved information about public transport, such as live schedules from train and bus stations.

By simply tapping on any station, mobile users will be able to view the current timetable for any transport.

The actions of Google in enhancing its service may be a response to Nokia, which recently upgraded its Ovi Maps feature found on many of its phones.

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