Sellers of used mobiles 'should not worry about iPhone 4 fault'

2 July 2010 — 6:56 PM

Sellers of used mobiles 'should not worry about iPhone 4 fault'

People who have sold a used phone and put the money towards buying the new iPhone 4 should not be concerned about a supposed glitch with the signal reading their device provides.

In a statement released to its customers, Apple says a problem that has been highlighted since the phone's release last week is nothing to worry about.

Some consumers had complained their signal reading dropped by several bars when they covered part of the handset.

However, the iPhone manufacturer believes this is because of an error with the technology that means the original reading is too high.

As such, some people may think they have four or five bars of signal available, when in reality it could be as few as two.

Then, when the device's black strip is covered, it may disappear completely, although this is being dealt with, the firm assures users.

The iPhone 4 was released in the UK, US, Japan, Germany and France last Thursday (June 24th) and will be rolled out in other nations later this year.

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