LG's GT405 could tempt people to sell their old mobile

5 August 2010 — 9:58 AM

LG's GT405 could tempt people to sell their old mobile

Mobile users who want a "decent" camera may like to sell their old mobiles in order to get an LG GT405.

In a review on CNET UK, the author said the handset comes with a five-megapixel camera, as well as software that lets individuals edit their photographs straight away.

The phone has a microSD slot that can support cards of up to 16GB, which is ideal for individuals who like to take lots of photos.

People who own an LG GT405 will be able to multi-task by pressing the task-switcher button, which means the app currently being utilised will be suspended, rather than closed, if the user wants to make a call or take a photo.

The reviewer noted the mobile phone "offers a good range of features and sports an above-average camera" for a phone in such a price bracket.

LG recently launched a trio of handsets, designed for young mobile users or those new to touchscreens.

The Wink, Wink Style and Wink 3G are compact mobile phones with a 2.4 inch screen and will be available to buy in Europe later this month.

Jon Butler, creative brand manager at Envirofone, says: "If you like to use your handset as a camera as well as a phone, you might want to upgrade to a model like this. Why not trade in your old phone for cash?"

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