Sell old mobile and upgrade to iPhone to get latest safety app

6 August 2010 — 11:30 AM

Sell old mobile and upgrade to iPhone to get latest safety app

People who worry about safety now have a reason to sell their old mobile and buy an iPhone.

A panic alarm app has been launched by Legal & General in a bid to keep individuals safe on the streets.

The alarm, which is free to download, has been created after research revealed many criminals are now carrying out personal muggings rather than house burglaries.

iPhone users can activate the alarm by pressing the Panic tab or shaking the handset, with both actions causing the device to emit an "ear-shattering" alarm to disorientate and shock a potential attacker.

Head of consumer proposition at Legal & General's insurance business Ruth Connor said the new app will give mobile users peace of mind when they are walking home.

"The application is just about the most convenient way for people to carry around an attack alarm. Because it's on their phone, they are less likely to forget it," she added.

Apple released its latest handset the iPhone 4, in June and after just three days on the market more than 1.7 million units had been sold.

Julie Snape, head of marketing at Envirofone, says: "Groundbreaking apps like this are vital if you’re safety-conscious. To upgrade to an iPhone 4 and download the app, you could try trading in your old handset for cash."

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