Mobile recycling may be particularly worthwhile in Glasgow

18 August 2010 — 3:54 PM

Mobile recycling may be particularly worthwhile in Glasgow

The people of Glasgow and the surrounding area may have the perfect reason to recycle a mobile phone and put the cash towards an Apple iPhone.

That is because the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau has created an app for the revolutionary device, as well as the iPad and iTouch, which offers a wealth of information about the area.

Data on more than 600 businesses in the city's style mile is available, including a map service, reviews and ideas on what to do.

Scott Taylor, chief executive at the bureau, says: "The creation of the style mile app ... demonstrates once again that Glasgow is ahead of the innovation curve and reinforces our credentials as the largest retail centre in the UK outside London."

People planning a trip to the Scottish city may also be wise to download the app to their Apple handset.

The newest version of the iPhone, the iPhone 4, is now available in the UK having been released on June 24th.

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