Droid 2 may tempt individuals to sell their old mobiles

13 August 2010 — 11:41 AM

Droid 2 may tempt individuals to sell their old mobiles

Individuals who want to replace their old phones with a smartphone might want to sell their old mobiles and use the cash to buy a Droid 2.

Motorola has released the handset as a follow up to its original Droid device, which has "more power and more speed".

Vice-president of wireless device, marketing and development for Verizon Wireless Jeffrey Dietel said Droid 2 is "a continuation of our commitment to Android but offers customers the features and form-factor they crave on the Verizon Wireless network".

The handset has a slim design and a qwerty keyboard to help consumers send text messages and email, while the device also has speech-to-text input.

Mobile users can browse the internet and view web pages on the 3.7 inch multi-touch screen.

The Droid 2 is equipped with a five-megapixel camera and is able to capture DVD quality video, which can then be shared on compatible devices.

Julie Snape, head of marketing at Envirofone, says: "Why not upgrade to a state-of-the-art phone such as this new Motorola handset? If you trade in your old phone you could put the cash you make towards it."

According to a recent review on CNET UK, Motorola's Flipout handset is ideal for those who like to communicate via social networking sites as it has live widgets, which means individuals do not have to open a page to view such apps.

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