Sell used phones and join Tesco mobile revolution?

13 September 2010 — 12:07 PM

Sell used phones and join Tesco mobile revolution?

Tesco are set to become a major player in the mobile market, with those who sell used phones perhaps in an ideal position to sign up to a deal with the provider.

James Atkinson, editor of Mobile Magazine, says the firm is already on its way to becoming a significant name in the no-frills sector.

However, it is unlikely to stop there and could go on to target specialist devices and top-end handsets, such as smartphones.

"I don't think Tesco will just be satisfied by just doing the cheaper end. They'll certainly do that end, but they'll also look to move further up," the expert states.

A report released last week by Ovum notes providers of basic mobile services such as Tesco will enjoy an increase in market share in the coming years, as more people opt for convenience over technology.

It also suggests an increased number of consumers will turn their backs on traditional mobile companies in favour of new players.

Jon Butler, creative brand manager at Envirofone, says: "If you want to join one of these newer networks, you could consider trading-in your old handset at the same time. It’s quick and convenient, and could earn you up to £200."

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