Envirofone makes a splash in Sierra Leone

1 October 2010 — 2:51 PM

Envirofone donates 300 mobile phones to Splash Mobile Money

Envirofone — the UK's leading mobile phone recycling company — has donated 300 mobile phones to the 'Splash Mobile Money' initiative in Sierra Leone, which aims to provide job opportunities and training for young people.

Working in conjunction with the International Rescue Committee and the UNDP, Splash Mobile Money has commissioned the first of many community agencies to support mobile money transactions and mobile airtime sales.

Splash Mobile Money is Sierra Leone's first mobile payment system. In using the handsets donated by Envirofone, young people in Sierra Leone will be able to transfer money to other mobile-users just by using their mobile phones.

Commenting on the company's work with Splash, Nick Brown, CEO at Envirofone, said: "This project demonstrates the dramatic effect that our refurbished phones can have on local economies in Sierra Leone. The handsets allow the creation of micro-franchise jobs, allowing some of the world's poorest people to make a living.

"The mobile phones donated by Envirofone will be invaluable for the development of small businesses in the country. We're extremely proud that, by enabling these small agencies in this way, Envirofone is making a key contribution to a part of the world where basic financial services are seriously lacking."

Research conducted by Envirofone shows that there are approximately 90 million mobile phones lying redundant in the UK, with only around 20% of these phones ever being recycled. Of the handsets received by Envirofone, 95 per cent are re-used or repaired and then sold across the world.

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