Soap opera takes mobile TV "to a whole new level"

4 February 2009 — 5:00 PM

Soap fans with the latest phones could be tuning in to a new series that claims to be revolutionising portable entertainment.

Thmbnls, a teen drama available to download to mobile devices, offers viewers the chance to take part in the action by providing a range of interactive opportunities.

20:20 London, the group behind the show, said by encouraging teenagers to offer their opinions on the issues surround the programme, as well as make script suggestions, it was taking mobile entertainment "to a whole new level".

Peter Riley, creative director of the company, added the soap was "cutting-edge, realistic and relevant to young people."

According to Alex Matten, who plays the Billy in the show, Thmbnls pulls no punches when it comes to dealing with the type of issues that affect its over 16s demographic.

Those looking to recycle mobile phones for a model that offers video content, may like to consider the Nokia N96 - which can connect to the BBC iPlayer service.

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