Mobile recycling users could opt for "speedy" Nokia replacement

19 October 2010 — 6:57 PM

Nokia has recently released the C7

The Nokia 5228 has been described by one expert as a "speedy" device, which could be perfect for those who have recently recycled a mobile phone.

Luke Westaway, reviewing the handset for CNET UK, said if there is one thing the Finnish brand excels at, it is producing affordable and easy-to-use models that can be used by large numbers of people.

It is even possible to secure the Nokia 5228 with an X Factor theme – something that may be perfect for huge fans of the show.

While the author admits it is not the greatest phone in the world, it may suit those who do not want to splash out significantly on a new device.

Indeed, some may even find they can make a profit by recycling their used phone for money and spending less on the Nokia product.

At the other end of the range, the company has recently released its new flagship handset, the N8, while a number of other models are due to be launched in the coming weeks and months.

Julie Snape, head of marketing at Envirofone, says: "We encounter many customers at Envirofone who use the service to recycle mobile phones and make a profit. This new handset from Nokia is an affordable, easy to use, alternative for those who may be looking to make some money from recycling their current handset."

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