Swapping used phone for latest model may offer access to Shazam

20 October 2010 — 3:54 PM

Shazam can be used by iPhone owners

People who switch a used phone for one of the latest mobiles may find they can benefit from the popular app Shazam.

Adam, writing for the Nokia Conversations blog, says the feature is one that has turned out to be useful for plenty of individuals since it was launched.

Shazam recognises music tracks and alerts the mobile user of their title and who sings them, meaning there is no longer any need to wonder what the catchy tune being played in a shop or restaurant is called.

Simply by recycling or selling a used phone and upgrading to a model such as the Apple iPhone, users will find they can download Shazam in a few minutes.

"I think being able to identify tracks in ten seconds is a good feature in itself, but the ability to get background information on the artist or band is an extra bonus," Adam states.

Apple's latest incarnation of its flagship device, the iPhone 4, was released in June and may be perfect for those who would like Shazam in their lives.

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