Sell used phone for "colossus" HTC Desire HD

20 October 2010 — 12:03 PM

The HTC Desire HD mobile phone has been heavily praised by one expert

Mobile users may be wise to sell their used phone and put the money towards buying an HTC Desire HD, which has been described by one expert as "even better" than the original model.

Flora Graham, reviewing the handset for CNET UK, said it is one of the most stylish and desirable devices on the market.

"For smartphone fans who want the biggest, most feature-packed beauty that money can buy, the HTC Desire HD delivers in style," she noted, adding: "The Desire HD bestrides the narrow world like a Colossus."

Among the mobile's numerous advantages listed by Ms Graham are the large and bright display screen, rapid web browser and good integration to social networking sites such as Facebook.

She suggested if people are on the hunt for the "ultimate" phone then they have now found it.

Some of HTC's previous popular releases include those in the Hero, Wildfire and Legend ranges.

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