Mobile Phone Recycling

Recycle for Free with Envirofone

At Envirofone, we’re all about the three Rs – recovery, reuse and recycling. That’s why, if you’ve got an older phone that you don’t need or can’t use any more, we’ll happily recycle it for you for FREE. We’re all about the environment (it’s in the name!) so old phone recycling is really important to us, especially if your device is unable to be recovered or reused in its original form. Our recycling beliefs are at the core of everything we do, so for more details on our mobile phone recycling service, please visit our recycling beliefs page.

If you’re happy to recycle phones with us, follow the steps below to get started:

Steps for Recycling Your Phone

Steps for Recycling Your Phone

  1. Prepare your phone for recycling by completely wiping it of all personal information.
  2. Pack the phone securely, with the battery inside the phone and the mobile turned off. You’ll want to wrap the phone so it doesn’t accidentally turn on in transit.
  3. Take your package to the post office, and send it to the address below. Unfortunately we can’t cover the cost of posting £0 value phones, so make sure you pay the right amount!
  4. Voila! You’ve done your bit for the environment. Remember that if you’ve got newer phones, we also offer a mobile phone trade in service for cash or credit.

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Don’t forget to write Please Recycle clearly on your package.


First of all, at Envirofone we always try to find new homes for old mobiles, and offer cash where possible.


Before we recycle, we try to reuse. Providing mobiles to developing economies can really make a difference.


Sometimes, we can’t refurbish or reuse phones. In these cases, we pass it on to a registered recycling company.