BlackBerry Bold 9780 3 Stars

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Look and feel

The smooth chassis and very user-friendly QWERTY keyboard make the Bold 9780 smart and very desirable.

Ease of use

The touch-screen is a disappointing omission, as we ended up going through the menus a bit too much.


The Bold 9780 has plenty on offer, with a five-megapixel snapper, the Social Feeds app to bring together your social networks, browsing via Wi-Fi and HSDPA, and navigation using BlackBerry maps and A-GPS.


The Bold 9780 performs really well, but the user experience is just not fluid enough and results in a stop-start experience.

Battery life

Battery power is impressive, with a good 408 hours on standby and 360 minutes of talktime.

As you’d expect from a BlackBerry, it is excellent for emailing, with push email and the facility for multiple account setup.
While the BlackBerry OS 6 is an improvement on its forebears, it can’t really show itself at its best without a touch-screen.
  • Look and Feel 4 Stars
  • Ease of use 3 Stars
  • Features 4 Stars
  • Performance 3 Stars
  • Battery life 5 Stars

Final verdict: 3 Stars

We were impressed by the handset and its fine feature set, but it was let down by its lack of touch-screen, which doesn’t show off the OS to its best.

Review by Mobile Choice