Orange Rio 3 Stars

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Look and feel

The Orange Rio does a good job of phone calls, texts and browsing the net (although there is no 3G or Wi-Fi net access). Its touch display is responsive despite being of the resistive type, and it has a pretty basic, two-megapixel snapper.

Ease of use

Reminiscent of a BlackBerry, the Rio has a solid feel despite its plastic chassis, and boasts a QWERTY keyboard and small (low-res) touch display.


You should get two days out of a full charge for average use and a bit of internet access, as there is no GPS, 3G or Wi-Fi to drain the juice


The Rio does what it is able to do very well – so that’s email, messages and IM taken care of, thanks to its QWERTY keyboard. However, what we don’t like is the 5p you have to pay for each IM.

Battery life

The QWERTY keyboard and touch display offer a smooth experience for the user when inputting, writing messages and navigating. The home screen manages to squeeze in a pair of toolbars for moving widgets despite its small size, along with an apps bar for email, texting, Windows Messenger and so on.

User-friendly apps for texting and calling; smooth navigation from touch-display and QWERTY keyboard; neat home screen offers widgets and shortcuts.
Average snapper; fee for Windows Live Messenger.
  • Look and Feel 3 Stars
  • Ease of use 4 Stars
  • Features 3 Stars
  • Performance 4 Stars
  • Battery life 3 Stars

Final verdict: 3 Stars

An excellent Blackberry-type handset that offers more than you might first think.

Review by Mobile Choice