Samsung Tocco Icon 2 Stars

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Look and feel

There’s no 3G, but you do get Wi-Fi – and the 3.15 megapixel camera – along with a decent number of features, which is pretty good for this sort of budget. Remember you’ll need your own headphones and microSD card, and the dearth of apps might be a deal-breaker for some.

Ease of use

The Tocco Icon is doing its best to look like the dearer devices such as the iPhone 4 but its display quality lets it down. On the plus side the phone is slim and light, and far from solid, which can make it feel rather cheap.


3G is what drains batteries, so without it, the Tocco Icon offers excellent battery life.


A lack of much in the way of inbuilt memory means that some apps are out of your reach, while the software doesn’t help speed things up either.

Battery life

It’s quick enough to master the software, but there is a lot of lag to contend with once you’re up and running.

Excellent battery life means you won’t be forever searching for your charger.
Surfing the net can be slow without 3G – unless of course you can connect via Wi-Fi.
  • Look and Feel 3 Stars
  • Ease of use 2 Stars
  • Features 2 Stars
  • Performance 2 Stars
  • Battery life 4 Stars

Final verdict: 2 Stars

We weren’t expecting a lot for a price tag of under £100, but the Tocco Icon proves just too slow.

Review by Mobile Choice