Vodafone 541 3 Stars

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Look and feel

The Vodafone 541, with its small, rounded body, and matt gloss styling, fits comfortably in the hand and the pocket.

Ease of use

The budget touch-screen is rather unresponsive and we found it enormously frustrating trying to send a text message.


The Vodafone 541 has the facility to record voice memos, which we found a pretty cool feature for a budget device.


It’s nice to find a customisable home screen and LED control panel on a device in this price range, but the resistive touch-screen and 1.3 megapixel camera were disappointments.

Battery life

For a device in this price range, we were pleasantly surprised with the 270 minutes of talktime and 380 hours on standby offered by the battery.

Neat, fun design; touch-screen is decent for the price; home screen has widgets and is customisable.
Texting is far from user friendly thanks to the sluggish in-screen keyboard.
  • Look and Feel 4 Stars
  • Ease of use 3 Stars
  • Features 3 Stars
  • Performance 3 Stars
  • Battery life 4 Stars

Final verdict: 3 Stars

Vodafone has made a great attempt at a budget touch-phone; it’s just a shame it lost out on an essential feature for its target market – a decent on-screen keyboard.

Review by Mobile Choice