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Over 4 million people have chosen Envirofone to sell their mobile phone online.  If you’re thinking, “I want to sell my phone for cash” then great because it’s so easy to sell your phone online.

Take a look at the list of phone manufacturs above to find the mobile phone you want to sell. Or you can use the “search for your mobile” box and enter the name of the phone you want to sell.


Step one

You send us your phone and we test it to make sure it works then we grade it depending on what kind of condition it’s in.

Step two

We don’t repair the phones at Envirofone but we sell them as they are to Registered Repairers who clean them inside and out, put missing bits back on and generally spruce them up.

Step three

Your old mobile then starts a new life often in developing countries where the cost of a new mobile phone to most people is unaffordable.

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