What Happens To My Mobile?

It’s Not The End

After you have sent us your mobile that may be the end of the story for you but we’ll still need to find it a new home. All mobiles have an economic value, whether they’re resold or broken down for minerals and plastic granulation.

In very rare cases we can’t offer money for your mobile on the website, this is probably because it’s over a certain age. All is not lost as we’ll still be able to find someone that can make use of the handset.

International Economies

Helping Change People’s Lives

The majority of handsets are refurbished to a high standard and sold on in the emerging economic markets around the globe.

To ensure a mobile can be sold on we have to carry out a number of tests and ensure that the necessary accessories accompany the phone when we find it a new home

Handsets are refurbished and sold on in developing countries around the world. These mobile phones offer a valuable lifeline to the communities, enhancing quality of life, offering economic possibilities and valuable infrastructure.

Some mobiles can even find themselves back on sale in the UK and Europe.

Our Beliefs

At Envirofone we believe in the three Rs: