Remotely removing
your iPhone from your iCloud

If you have already sent us your device and have not reset or removed it from your iCloud, or you are unable to follow the in phone instructions due to damage, you will need to disable the Find my iPhone function.

How do I remove Find my iPhone at

Removing your iPhone from Find my iPhone is easy and it won’t affect your iTunes, Apple ID or anything linked to your iCloud account, it will only unlock the device.

1 - Go to and enter your Apple ID and password. Step One Screen Shot
2 - Select Find My iPhone. Step Two Screen Shot
3 - Select all devices and select your device from the list. Step Three Screen Shot
4 - Go back to the Devices list and click the cross next to your device. Step Four Screen Shot
5 - Remove iPhone? Click Remove. Step Five Screen Shot
6 - You have now removed Find My iPhone. Do not switch the device back on. Step Six Screen Shot

See how
It's done

Watch our video clip to see how quick and easy it is to remove your device from icloud.

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