Envirofone Contact Details:
Main address: Envirofone Guildford, House Heather Close, Lyme Green Business Park Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 0LR
, Tel:0800 020 2806, E-mail:enquiries@envirofone.com

Sell my HTC

Discover your HTC trade in value

Envirofone have one of the best HTC trade in services in the UK: join over 4 million happy customers and sell your HTC mobile to us today! Offering competitive prices across a range of models, all you’ll need to do to sell your phone and select your device from the list, and if you’re happy with the price, we’ll send you a FREE Enviropack to post your phone to us. Our HTC experts will then test the phone and confirm the price: it’s really that easy to sell HTC mobiles to us.

Whether you want to sell a newer model like the HTC M9 or you’re looking to trade in an old HTC Wildfire, we’re here to help. And if your phone is damaged, don’t worry; we also accept broken mobiles, and we’ll simply contact you to adjust the price you receive based on the damage.

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