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Sell my iPhone 7

Find out your Apple iPhone 14 128GB trade in value

AppleiPhone 14 128GB
  • Fully functional phone including system software, home button, Touch ID, Face ID and NFC.
  • Light wear and tear to the screen, bezel or housing.
  • No damage to the LCD screen including screen burn or damaged pixels.
  • No water damage.
  • Battery health must be above 80%.
  • No Missing Parts, including stylus’s.
  • Phone must have the battery enclosed within the casing.
  • Phone must not be barred; PIN/Account locked, be of UK specification; and not be reported lost or stolen.

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Our promise

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Free postage

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Got an old iPhone 7 lying around? Get quick cash by selling it to Envirofone. We give you a valuation in seconds and always make a fair offer based on our expert assessment. We’ll even give you an extra 12% towards any device we sell when you choose to trade in your tech.

How to sell your iPhone 7

Why should you sell with Envirofone and not elsewhere? For one, unlike other outlets, there are no auctions or set prices, and you won’t be waiting weeks for your money.

Here’s how to sell your iPhone 7 the simple way:

  • Enter your iPhone's model and memory capacity. We know it’s an iPhone 7, but is it 32GB, 128GB or 256GB?
  • Consider our quote. If it’s all good, request a free Envirofone mailing pack. That's all you need to get your device safely to us.
  • Send your iPhone 7 to us for free. We'll examine it on receipt, then send you an email to confirm everything's A-OK.
  • Accept your offer, and we'll pay the agreed amount into your bank account the very same day*. We weren’t lying when we said it was quick!

*And if you disagree with our offer, we’ll securely return your iPhone 7 free of charge!

How to get the best price for your iPhone 7

We’ll find a loving home for your iPhone 7, whether it’s brand-new or battered and bruised. But, as you’d expect, we’ll offer more for phones in pristine condition, so it’s worth keeping your phones protected with cases, protectors and the like. We’ll also offer more if your iPhone 7 is unlocked for all networks. Unsure how to do it? Get in touch with your carrier—most networks will unlock it free.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 7?

You bet. No matter what state your iPhone 7 is in, we’ll still give you a fair offer. And don’t worry, we’ve seen it all, too—from shattered screens to faulty operating systems.

Can I sell a locked iPhone 7?

Absolutely. Although we prefer iPhone 7’s unlocked and generally offer higher prices when they are, we’ll still buy your iPhone 7 if it’s locked when it gets to Envirofone HQ.

What should I do before selling my iPhone 7?

Back up your files to keep your photos, videos and memories safe. And remove the SIM card, as you may need it for your new handset. But that’s about it. Factory resets can be fiddly, so leave it to us, and we'll ensure your old files get securely wiped as soon as you’re happy to proceed.

Trade in your iPhone 7 and get 12% extra

Eyeing up another electronic device? Trade in your iPhone 7 with us and select Envirocash as your payment option to receive an extra 12% on top of your final offer. You can use the cash on any expertly refurbished device we sell.

More reasons to sell with Envirofone

Selling your old devices with Envirofone is as good for the planet as it is for your pocket. That’s because we make sure devices are reused, resold or recycled. It’s much better for mother nature than sending all those plastics to harmful sites.

Need even more reason to sell with Envirofone? Go on then:

  • Get paid quickly: As soon we test your phone and you’re happy with our offer, we process the payment.
  • Free postage: We cover all delivery fees. Even if you change your mind about selling your iPhone 7—returning it to your address won’t cost you a penny.
  • A fair price: We test and price every iPhone 7 individually, so you can be sure your handset won’t be undervalued.

Sell a different iPhone 7

You can sell more than an iPhone 7 with Envirofone; our door is open to most Apple devices, including the iPhone 7 Plus, or another iPhone model.

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