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Main address: Envirofone, Unit B2, Sunderland House, Sunderland Street Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 6JF
, Tel:0333 321 3441, E-mail:enquiries@envirofone.com

Sell my HTC phone

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If you're looking for an upgrade to your HTC – we can help. We'll buy your used HTC handset, even if it's damaged, to either refurbish or recycle.

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Our competitive prices make it even easier to do your bit for the environment, whilst earning some cash to put towards your next phone – or you can get Envirocash, which gives you an even higher price to put towards one of our high-quality refurbished handsets. Choose your HTC model from the list and we'll send you a free Enviropack so you can post your handset to us for free – it's that simple!

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