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Sell your mobile and donate to charity

Sell your mobile and donate to charity

EnviroCharity partners with charities, big and small, to create an alternative and free fundraising method to help them raise donations for their cause.

EnviroCharity is a unique way for you to raise money for the charities you care about. Simply choose a charity when selling your old device - we do the rest and give your chosen percentage directly to the charity.

Trading in your old tech has never been better - not only are you doing your bit to support sustainability, now you can put the money to good use by donating a portion of the money to a good cause!

So what are you waiting for? Recycle your old device and make a donation to charity!

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How it works

Simply search for the mobile phone or gadget you're looking to sell

Add your device to the basket. At the checkout, choose a charity and an amount to donate

We'll send you a free Enviropack for you to send your phone to us

Sit back and let us do the rest! We'll contact you once we've received your device

What happens once we receive your device?

Once we receive your device, it will go through a rigorous screening process to determine the condition and ensure any data is securely wiped. This process gives us an accurate value for your item.

We will then donate your chosen percentage directly to your chosen charity and send you the remainder!

We accept damaged devices so you can donate your old tech regardless of the condition. The amount we pay to both you and the charity depends on the condition of the item.

Trading in your old mobile phone promotes sustainability!

One person's rubbish is
another person's treasure!

Just because you're finished with your old mobile phone doesn't mean it doesn't have a use elsewhere...

We extend the life of mobile phones and tech - most gadgets traded in with Envirofone will be given a new lease of life and sold here in the UK or overseas.

Once you've traded in your device, we'll prepare it for the next stage of its life - where possible we repair and refurbish devices.

If the device can't be repaired or refurbished we will recycle it to reduce any impact on the planet.

It's all about recovery, reuse and recycling - so you can trade in your device and donate to charity and know you're also doing your bit to help the environment!

We work with charities of all sizes - click the link below to find out more about how we can help you turn old tech into cash for your charity!

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