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Sell my Apple watch

Find out about our iPhone & iPad trade in service

Got an old Apple watch lying around? While you might have given up tracking your steps, it’s not the end of the road for your smartwatch. Sell your Apple watch to Envirofone, and we’ll pay you cash fast. Choose between a bank deposit, a charity donation, or EnviroCash to put towards another refurbished gadget on our site. We’ll even throw in 12% on top with EnviroCash, as a thank-you for giving a second-hand device a new home.


How do I sell my Apple watch?

Selling your Apple watch to Envirofone is as easy as it gets. Our no-nonsense process involves three simple steps:

  • Select your model – Choose the Apple watch model and size you’re selling to get an instant valuation.
  • Send your watch – Wait for your free Envirofone pack to arrive in the post. Ship it back in the secure pre-paid envelope and we’ll thoroughly test your watch to give a final offer.
  • Accept your offer – Happy? Accept your offer and choose how to get paid.

At Envirofone, we guarantee the best price for your old gadgets. We’ll only change your final offer if the condition differs from what we expected.

What should I do before selling my Apple watch?

Unpair your Apple watch and remove it from your iCloud. That’s all there is to it. Our technicians handle the rest, including factory resets.

If you want to keep your watch strap for your next iWatch, be sure to remove it. Just ship your watch back with the original strap on!

How much can I sell my Apple watch for?

More than you might think. You can get as much as £200 for an old iWatch. And remember, we’ll increase that offer by 12% more if you choose EnviroCash!

Not every Apple watch is worth the same, though. We grade smartwatches individually, so every gadget gets a personalised offer. We’ll consider things like overall condition, battery health, age, and size.

How can I get the best price for my Apple watch?

Everyone wants more cash in their pocket. So, what can you do? Firstly, make sure you look after your Apple watch. We offer more for Apple watches in better condition.

Tempting as it may be, don’t leave your watch in a drawer, never to be seen again. When you’ve finished your final workout, sell it as soon as possible. The value of any gadget depreciates over time, so the sooner you sell, the better.

Newer models are worth more, so don’t expect the full whack for a first-series watch. But don’t worry—we’ll still give you money for it.

Can I sell my Apple watch if it’s damaged or broken?

Yes! Sell your Apple watch for cash, whether it’s broken or not. We’re happy to accept damaged watches, including those with:

  • Broken buttons, ports, or touchscreens
  • Cracked screens
  • No power
  • Faulty GPS

Why sell my Apple watch with Envirofone?

At Envirofone, we make sure you get the best price for your old tech. Even if your watch hasn’t seen the light of day for months (or years—no judgment here), we still want to buy it. Plus, you can make an extra 12% if you choose EnviroCash.

We’ll honour your valuation for 14 days to give you plenty of time to send your watch to HQ. And, if you’re not happy with your offer (unlikely), we’ll ship it back free of charge.

But extra money isn’t all we’re good for. You might’ve noticed the ‘Enviro’ in our name—because we’re proud to be environmentally friendly. When you sell your old tech to us, you save it from ending up in landfill. And so do we. We only refurbish, recycle, or resell watches.

Which other devices can I sell?

We bet you have plenty of other old tech that you no longer use. So, why not sell them to us too?

Or sell another tech gadget, we’re happy to buy it from you. Let’s see how much money you can make!

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