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What happens when you sell your phone to Envirofone?

So you’re looking to sell your mobile for cash? Once you’ve chosen which phone to sell, we’ll start a recycling process that means none of your phone goes to waste. Here’s what happens:

Step one

After you’ve registered your details, we’ll send you one of our absolutely FREE Enviropacks, making it really easy to sell a phone to us. Our team of experts will run it through our testing process and give you a price offer depending on the condition. Remember, you can sell new phones or damaged phones to Envirofone, but it might affect the mobile trade in value if it’s heavily damaged.

Step two

After you sell your phone to us, we’ll prepare it for onward sale as part of the recycle process. We give devices another life and where we can we’ll give a device some TLC and repair or refurbish it if possible.

Step three

As part of our recycling programme, selling your mobile to Envirofone means it’s either fully recycled or completely reused by a new owner. Often, your phone will go on to start a new life in developing countries. How good is that? It’s all about recovery, reuse and recycle here at Envirofone – so sell used mobile phones to us today and do your bit for the Environment!

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