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Sell my tablet

Find out your trade in value

Looking to sell your old tablet, or trade-in your second hand one for a newer model? With Envirofone, we’ll give you cash for old tablets and iPads, whether old, new, broken or in mint condition.

Find your tablet make and model, and find out how much cash you could receive We provide instant quotes, based on tablets in a good condition, but we also accept broken devices.

How to sell your tablet

Selling or trading in your tablet with Envirofone couldn’t be easier. Follow these simple steps to sell your tablet to us and receive the cash in next to no time:

  • Find the make and model of your tablet in the list above
  • Check the valuation – we base this on a working model
  • Request your Envirofone pack
  • Send us your old tablet
  • Our technicians check the tablet’s conditions and we’ll give you a final value based on these tests
  • You can accept the offer and you’ll receive your cash, or if you’re not happy with our valuation, we’ll send your tablet back to you for free.

Which tablets and brands can I sell or trade in?

At Envirofone, we accept a range of tablet models, old and new. Whether you’re looking to sell your iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro or Lenovo Pro, we can take your second hand iPad off your hands.

Do you accept damaged tablets?

Yes, you can sell your broken tablet at Envirofone. Our technicians can fix any faults, ready to re-sell, or if we can’t fix the tablet, we can refurbish or use its parts – we never send old tablets to landfill.

Trade in your old tablet for a new model

If you’re looking to trade in your tablet for a newer model, you have the option to part-exchange. When you trade-in, you tablet, we give you 12% via our Envirocash scheme.

Why sell your tablet with Envirofone?

Our Enviropacks are free to request and means that you don’t have to pay any postage – even if you decide you’re not happy with our final price and want to request your tablet back.

We care about the environment – old, broken, or faulty tablets are fixed, refurbished or reused for parts.

Our fast, no-nonsense process means you can turn your old tablet into cash quicker.

We also provide cash in your pocket for second hand phones, laptops, games controllers, and other tech.

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