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Sell my iPhone 6 Plus 16GB

Find out how to sell iPhone 6 16GB handsets with Envirofone

AppleiPhone 6 Plus 16GB

This price is for a working phone

Once we've received your handset, we'll test it and get in touch to confirm our offer. We can't always pay the full price for a damaged phone, so we'll mail your phone back to you for FREE if you're not happy with our offer
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If you want to sell your iPhone 6 Plus 16GB, we’re here to make sure you get the best deal. Our used phone specialists deal with a range of Apple products, and provide a competitive rate to all our customers.

To sell your old iPhone to Envirofone, choose your network from the dropdown menu to see how much we’re offering for a used iPhone Plus 16GB. If you like what you see, click the 'Sell this phone' button and sign in or register your details. Once you’ve signed up, we can send you one of our totally FREE postage boxes with easy to follow instructions on what to do next.

Once you've sent us your phone, we'll test it and contact you to inform you of any changes to our offered price. If your handset is damaged, it’s not a problem - just follow the steps outlined above and we’ll send you our expert valuation. We also promise to return your phone for FREE if you aren’t happy with the price we’re offering.

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