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Sell my Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Find out your Apple iPhone 6S Plus trade in value

AppleiPhone 6S Plus

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What if we said you could get quick money for your old iPhone 6s Plus? That’s right. Sell your iPhone to us, and we’ll give you cash. Whether you’re building a rainy-day fund or want some extra money towards a new device, we’ll help you on your way. The best part? It’s really easy. Here’s how to do it:

How to sell your iPhone 6s Plus

Selling your old iPhone 6s Plus is totally painless with Envirofone. To put pounds in your pocket, simply:

  • Choose your iPhone 6s Plus storage size and network.
  • Review your valuation and request a free Envirofone pack.
  • Send your iPhone 6s Plus to us for free.
  • Accept your final offer and get paid the same day we process your iPhone.

How much can I sell my iPhone 6s Plus for?

How much moolah you can make depends on a few different factors. Its condition is probably the most important. We can’t offer as much cash for a damaged or broken iPhone, but we’ll still give you the highest offer possible.

We’ll also consider factors like memory size, network carrier, colour, working condition and authenticity of parts. Basically, we’ll look at everything to get you the most cash we can. If you’re not satisfied with your final offer, don’t worry – we’ll ship it back to you free of charge.

How to get the best price for my iPhone 6s Plus

We don’t believe in set fees. That’s why we individually assess every iPhone to give you a fair offer every time. You can also do a few things to increase your offer, starting with unlocking your iPhone to any network. All you need is your IMEI number and 5 minutes of spare time.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 6s Plus?

Yes! We’ll buy damaged phones with cracked screens, broken buttons, water damage or even completely malfunctioning operating systems.

Can I sell a locked iPhone 6s Plus?

Of course! We recommend that you unlock your iPhone 6s Plus to any network carrier so that we can pay you more. But don’t worry if you ship it locked; we’ll still give you a fair price.

What should I do before selling my iPhone 6s Plus?

We only need you to remove your SIM card, unpair connected devices and remove any accessories. We’ll handle the rest! And yes, that includes the factory reset and wiping PIN codes.

Can I trade in my iPhone 6s Plus?

Absolutely! In fact, we’ll pay you more if you choose to trade in your iPhone 6s Plus. Our trade-in option includes EnviroCash so you can put your money towards another gadget on our site. Plus, we’ll give you 12% more to spend.

Why sell with Envirofone?

We make selling old iPhones (or any gadget, for that matter) as easy as possible. That’s because there are no set prices. We don’t force you to wait for your funds. And you won’t pay any fees. Best of all, we always offer a fair price for your device by individually assessing it.

By sending your tech to Envirofone, you also do your bit for the environment. We repair and refurbish phones to give them a new home rather than sending them to landfill. Even if they’re unusable, we’ll still recycle them.

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