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Sell my mobile phone

Find out your trade in value

Selling your iPhone has never been easier! Choose your model from the list, select your network and find out the price. If you’re happy with our offer, you can then sell your iPhone to us by posting it in our FREE Enviropack. Our Apple experts will test it and confirm the price with you, and you’re done!

However much you love your iPhone, the time comes when you need to move on. If that time is now, you’re in the perfect place.

Because before contemplating your next upgrade, we’re here to give you as much money as possible for any old Apple handset you own. Here’s how to sell your iPhone to Envirofone:

  • Simply choose your iPhone handset from the list on our website, select your network, and you’ll see the best market valuation.
  • Happy with the offer? We’ll send you our FREE Enviropack so that you can post your iPhone to us at no extra cost.
  • Our Apple experts will examine your iPhone, run a few diagnostic checks, and confirm the price with you.

How much can I sell my Apple iPhone for?

The value of your old iPhone depends on a few factors, including the model, storage size and condition of the handset.

If you’re the “let’s keep life simple” type, you can simply send us your old handset, and we’ll pay cash for it. And we’re not talking small change here. On the contrary, we’ll pay you a considerable sum — and quickly, because the money goes straight into your account once your phone’s processed.

Which iPhone models can I sell?

At Envirofone, we accept over 80 different iPhone specifications, including the iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

Can I sell a damaged iPhone?

We do accept damaged handsets, but you’ll receive less than you would for an iPhone in a good condition. After positing your old phone to us, if you aren’t happy with our offer for your damaged iPhone, there is no obligation to sell, and we can return your phone free of charge.

Trade in your old iPhone for new model

At Envirofone, we’re just as happy to help you part-exchange your old iPhone for a freshly refurbished one. Even happier, in fact, because we’re on a mission to protect the planet by ending the throwaway culture.

We get phones, tablets, laptops, wearables and games consoles back into good-as-new condition, then find them a new home.

Every device we sell has passed our 100-point quality control check, so excellence is assured and backed by our 12-month warranty. And you have 28 days to return your purchase and get a complete refund if not satisfied.

So, if you’re asking, “should I sell my iPhone 12 Pro 128GB in part exchange with Envirofone?” the answer is a resounding YES.

You can upgrade to an even better iPhone, of course, but another option is to sell a relatively new device, such as an iPhone 11 64GB, and trade it in for an older but expertly refurbished model, such as iPhone 8.

As a result, you’ll still be the proud owner of an Apple iPhone that looks and works like new. But you’ll also have hundreds of pounds more in your bank account.

Will my iPhone be recycled?

At Envirofone, we believe in doing our bit for the planet and reducing our carbon footprint.

If we can’t sell or refurbish a phone, the handset will be broken down and valuable materials extracted.

Why sell my iPhone with Envirofone?

  • Quick payment - why wait when an iPhone upgrade or a welcome cash injection could be with you tomorrow?
  • As one of the UK’s leading mobile phone recycler, we’ve paid out over £160 million over the past 15 years.
  • Get up to 12% more for your tech – trade in your phone via Enivirocash and get 12% towards a new phone.

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