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Selling your phone is easy as one-two-three. Just follow these simple steps to make money fast:

  • Search for your device by its make and model. Unsure of the model? Enter your tech’s IMEI number to find out.
  • Enter details about the condition of your phone. We’ll provide an initial offer based on the model and condition entered. But a heads-up: your final offer may be slightly different if it's not as described when we receive it.
  • Send your mobile in the free Enviropack we send you. This is a box to wrap your device securely—and you can even pop two gadgets in one pack. You’ll also receive a free posting label, as delivery is always on us.

Once received, we’ll test the phone and send you a final offer. If you’re happy with it, payment will be processed on the very same day. We’ll even pop your tech back to you for free if you're unsatisfied with our offer.

For one, we’re the UK’s leading and most experienced mobile phone recycler—so you can depend on us for reliable service. Better yet, we promise a fair price for your mobile phone by testing it individually. Plus, we provide instant quotes and process payments on the same day of testing, meaning quick cash is always guaranteed.

But there’s more. Choose Envirocash, and we’ll give you 12% extra towards the price of a new refurbished phone from Envirofone. The cherry on top? You’re also doing your bit for the planet when you sell your tech with us. That’s because we reuse or recycle your device instead of throwing it into harmful landfill.

We accept phones in any condition. Whether your phone is broken, damaged, old or locked to a network, we will still offer you a fair price.

We always offer more for like-new phones, so consider protecting your mobile with cases and screen protectors. We also advise selling your phone ASAP as its value depreciates over time, leading to lower offers. And finally, we offer more for phones unlocked from a network. But don’t worry if it’s locked—get in touch with your carrier, as most providers will unlock it for free.

You could make over £900 for the latest iPhone. The price we offer will depend on a few factors, including:

  • Make and model
  • Age
  • Storage size
  • Condition of your phone
  • Whether it’s locked to a network

As soon as your phone arrives at Envirofone HQ, we’ll wipe its memory to ensure no one sees your personal files, so you don’t need to worry about factory resets. However, there are a few simple things to tick off before you pop it in the post — They are:

  • Unpair any connected devices.
  • Unlock it from a network if possible (this will increase your offer, too!).
  • Switch off iCloud Activation or Android activation lock.
  • Ensure it’s switched off.
  • Remove its case.
  • Remove the sim card and any external memory cards.

Once we receive your phone, we’ll test it to check if it works. Then, we’ll give you a fair offer based on its condition. Naturally, your offer may be lower if it has faults, such as cracked screens, faulty buttons, and the like. But rest assured, we’ll be in touch right away if we do alter your initial offer.

You’ll have three days to accept or decline our offer—if you’re not happy with it, we’ll send your phone back to you for free! .

Depending on your phone’s condition, we’ll either find it a new home by selling it on the Envirofone site or, if it’s beyond repair, we’ll extract its valuable parts and components to be used again. One thing’s for sure, though: we won’t throw anything into landfill.

We accept all well-known handset manufacturers, including:

Got more tech you’d like to cash in on? Envirofone buys many other electronic devices, such as gaming controllers, tablets, and wearables. So, what are you waiting for? Sell your old tech and get quick cash while helping the environment!

Envirofone is the UK’s biggest mobile phone recycler. Swapping smartphones for cash is what we do best—and it’s how we’ve paid our customers a combined sum of over £160m since 2008! But how did we get here? Well, we owe a huge chunk of it to our super-easy selling process and our huge selection of accepted tech.

From iPhones and Samsung Galaxies to Huawei and Blackberry, we’re always happy to buy phones of varying conditions, makes, and models. We also ensure a fair offer by testing each device individually. So, if your phone is gathering dust, why not make some quick moolah with Envirofone?

Selling your phone to us also means helping the environment. You see, recycling is integral to our values here at Envirofone, and we live by three core recycling beliefs.


Electronic devices shouldn’t be thrown in the bin. Instead, they should be recovered, restored, or recycled for the greater good. It’s better for your bank account, and it’s better for the planet.


We restore mobile phones and find them a new home. This way, you make money, and one of our customers has a brilliant new device. Win, win.


Sometimes, the tech we receive is beyond repair. In these cases, we remove valuable metals and components to ensure they’re used again. We never throw anything into a landfill. That’s an Envirofone promise.

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