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Main address: Envirofone Guildford, House Heather Close, Lyme Green Business Park Macclesfield Cheshire SK11 0LR
, Tel:0800 020 2806, E-mail:enquiries@envirofone.com

Over 4 million happy customers

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Envirofone is the UK’s leading mobile phone recycler and we’ve paid out over £160 million over the past 10 years. Selling your old mobile and making some money could not be easier.

Over 4 million people in the UK have sold their mobiles to Envirofone (Envirophone). You can sell any make of mobile phone to us including smart phones e.g. you can sell your iPhone, sell a Blackberry, HTC or Samsung Galaxy. People also sell a wide selection of older mobile phones like a Nokia 6300 or an iPhone 4 to help pay for a new phone that they really want.

So if you want to sell your mobile phone and earn some money go to Envirofone.

Our recycling beliefs

We believe in the 3 R’s….


Got a mobile phone that you’re not using? Why leave it lying around when Envirofone could offer you cash for it and find it a new home? Otherwise, it’s just going to waste!


At the top of the recycling chain is reuse. Mobile phones that are dated or not trendy in the UK, can get a new lease of life somewhere else in the world. A better option than keeping it as a spare, plus you get some cash!


In some cases we aren’t able to sell on the mobile phones. In these cases we send the mobile to a registered recycling company where they use the parts or break the phone down for plastic or glass.

The UK’s largest and most trusted mobile phone recycling company.

We guarantee 100% price satisfaction or our phone back, FREE of charge. (Many mobile phone recyclers charge to have your phone returned)

We send you the Enviropack, so you can return your phone packaged safe and securely and don’t have to spend hours looking for a box

Get paid straight into your bank account with no faffing.

We want you to sell your mobile phone fast and get your money quick, so we’ve kept it as straightforward as possible. Search for your mobile at www.envirofone.com

You just need to know the make and model of the mobile phone you are selling or you can search using the phones IMEI.

Select how you’d like us to pay you (we can put the money straight into your bank or send you a cheque. We’ll send you the Enviropack (it comes with its own secure, safe box so you don’t have to spend time looking for one).

Sending your phone to us is free

We only contact you by email, so when we receive your phone we’ll email you straightaway.

As soon as we’ve tested your phone, we’ll process your payment.

You just need to sit back and wait for the cash!

Royal Mail now class mobile phones as a restricted item when sent in the post. This doesn’t mean that you can’t send them, it simply means that mobile phones must be switched off and sent in a secure, rigid container such as a box and presented at the Post Office counter. Some recyclers think you should find your own box, we don’t.

Our Enviropack contains:

  • A box to wrap your phones (you can send two in one pack)
  • A bag to put it in
  • A Freepost label

Before you send your phone remember to erase the phone memory.
If you are selling an iPhone 4 or above which has iOS7 software, then you’ll need to turn off your Activation Lock.

We have our own testing centre here at Envirofone. Once we receive your phone, we’ll test it to check it works. If we find anything wrong with it (e.g. water damaged, missing button, faulty screen etc) we’ll grade the phone depending on the market value.

We might have to revise our price but if we do we’ll let you know immediately. Then you’ve got 3 days to accept or decline the offer. If you do decide to decline our offer, then we just send your phone straight back, free of charge.

As the name suggests we take our Environmental responsibilities very seriously. We believe in a sustainable environment and that is why reuse is always our first port of call in the recycling process.

Slinging one mobile phone in the bin might appear to be OK. But there are an estimated 4 mobile phones per household in the UK that are not used. Mobile phones are not like banana skins, they don’t break down on their own, so imagine if everyone binned them? First there is the money that would be wasted, then the staggering size of the mountain of electronic waste.

98% of the mobile phones we receive are reused. In most cases they are sold to be refurbished and go on to developing countries where they can play a major part in helping to develop communication networks. The reuse of mobile phones offers a valuable infrastructure in these countries.

Some phones can find themselves back on sale in the UK or Europe.

If a phone is beyond economical repair then we send the phone off to a recycling plant in the UK.

We often wonder that! The name Envirofone is obviously composed of the two main elements of our business: enviro and phone. This became Envirophone, but when the company was started for some unknown reason they deemed it trendier to call it Envirofone, with an f. There’s nothing we can do about it now, it’s too late to go back so we will carry on looking illiterate.

The question is probably more why wouldn’t you sell your old mobile phone?!

Not only is it environmentally more friendly thing to do, but you can also get some cash, quickly and easily.

Saving up for Christmas

No matter what time of the year, it’s always wise to start thinking about Christmas. Plus if you get a new phone for Christmas, then why not sell your old one?!

Get some cash for your holidays

How often do we read “my thousand pound holiday mobile phone bill nightmare” about someone who forgot to turn their roaming off, or had a very expensive Facebook habit? Well why not sell your old mobile and put the cash towards a holiday or your spending money?

Your mobile is worth less every week.

Like everything, mobile phones depreciate quickly! The longer you leave it lying around the less you’re gonna get!

What’s the point in a spare?

Think about, how many times have you actually used your “spare” mobile? Once, never? Would you keep £100 in a drawer, just on the off chance that you might need it one day, but every day the amount was getting lower and lower? No, I didn’t think so!

I hate my phone

Made a mistake with the upgrade this year? All your mates downloading apps and you’re…..well, not. Can’t stand the thought of using that bit of tin for another minute let alone 20 odd months. Then why not sell it and put the money towards getting the phone you actually want?

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