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Conquering boredom whilst self-isolating

Lifestyle | by Denise Timmis | Feb 18, 2022

Conquering boredom whilst self-isolating

Top 10 things to do to keep you busy to prevent boredom whilst self-isolating during COVID-19.



How long have you been putting off some of the cleaning jobs around the house? As spring is finally upon us, now’s the best time for that deep clean in the house.  Why not create a checklist for every room, it’s motivational and gives you a sense of achievement once completed – why not grab one of these organisational apps?

From cleaning windows to skirting boards to kitchen cupboards, get them on a list and start cleaning!



With all the stresses of work we have all wanted that time to just kick back and sit down with a good book, well now’s the time! You can make it social and gamify it using an app such as Good Reads but it’s an equally good idea to simplify things and just put your feet up, grab a hot drink and lose yourself in a story.



As the weather to starts to improve dust off your mower and grab your gardening gloves. Potter round the garden, tidy up those borders and get your garden summer ready. If it’s still a little frosty outside, then bring the gardening inside. Sow seeds or plant seedlings, store them on your windowsills and watch them flourish whilst washing the pots.



Re-organise your wardrobe and drawers, take everything out and hang or fold your clothes to create more space. You may even find an old favourite or classic item which is back in fashion!
It’s also ok to let go of your old clothes, you know you haven’t worn them for over a year, your old clothes could really help someone else. Bag them up and place them in the garage or shed ready for taking to the local charity shop or clothes bank when it is socially responsible to do so once again.



From your much-loved boxset which you still have on DVD, to the new shows being released weekly on online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney plus and Apple TV.  Get comfy and binge-watch TV.



How often do you read all your personal emails? Are you inundated with newsletters and advertisements which you probably won’t read? Take the time to organise your emails and set up folders, head to your folder settings and manage rules. You can then automate your emails into sub folders this way you can easily find what you’re looking for. Need some guidance on where to start with this daunting task? This 11 step Lifehack article should give you some inspiration.



Self-isolation is the time to self-motivate. Gym’s may be shut but you can find your next workout online. At-home fitness apps have seen a surge in the last couple of weeks and some personal trainers are creating live classes on social media. Don’t forget online streaming services like YouTube (Joe Wicks’ workouts are particularly popular at the moment) have thousands of fitness videos to choose from whether you’re looking for a yoga class to a more intense cardio workout.

Exercise is great for your mind and your body, so get active and get those endorphins going.



Keep in touch with your friends, family and neighbours by checking in with them by phone, video call or text.

There’s been several new group initiatives online so you can hang out with your friends from the comfort of your front room including online quizzes, bingo, games and google chrome extension Netflix party, which allows you and your friends to watch a film together.

Brighten someone’s day and stay connected!



Have you ever wanted to speak another language, knit, cross stitch, meditate or advance your work skills?

There are online tutorials to learn anything you’re interested in from magic tricks to building a brick wall. How many times have you said to your friends, ‘I’d love to do that’, now’s your chance to start learning! It doesn’t even need to cost anything – free courses are available from The Open University, Future Learn and The Khan Academy amongst others.



Just because you are stuck indoors doesn’t mean that you must stick to boring meals.

This is a great time to maximise the food you have and dig out the food at the back of your cupboard or food which is coming to its best before date.

In terms of aiming for cheap and healthy food EatCheapAndHealthy is not a bad place to start, though the audience is primarily American so recipes may require a little tweaking, and it’s pretty much Jack Munroe’s area of expertise.

Planning is key, head to the kitchen and write down all the food which you have in your fridge/freezer and store cupboard. There are thousands of budget meals online and online tutorials to really help those who aren’t much of a cook.

Batch cooking is also a great way to save money and make the food you have last longer, from stews to soups to pies.


The Envirofone Team

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