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Google. It’s a word that’s typed billions of times a day, even in the farthest corners of the world. Yet only a couple of decades ago, most of us would have been none the wiser. In that time, what started as a simple internet search engine has grown to become a monolithic force, creating everything from hardware to cloud services and countless products in-between. So, if you’re on the lookout for refurbished mobile phones, laptops, or tablets with cutting-edge features, Google is a great place to start.

Take the Google Pixel 2 phone refurbished by Envirofone, for example. Even though this handset is a few years older than the company’s flagship models, it still boasts one of the best cameras on the market. You can expect a glorious 12.2MP lens, dual front-facing speakers, a water-resistance body, and a full HD display that puts other similarly priced phones to shame. Oh, and you’ll also have that famous Google Assistant on hand for quick voice commands.

After something with a bit more horsepower? Check out our refurbished Google Pixel 4. Launched in late 2019, the Pixel 4 took the tech world by storm with its 6GB RAM, uber chic OLED display, and two breath-taking rear cameras. Its rubberised black coating oozes class, while the phone’s chassis fits comfortably in hand. If you want to watch multimedia and play games on a screen that’s a bit bigger than 5.7 inches, make a beeline for the refurbished Google Pixel 4 XL. You can expect all the same great features, just with a touch more oomph.

Those in search of a multi-tasking laptop that’s ultra-lightweight should consider one of Google’s Chromebooks. The Google Pixel Go is one of the best around, offering a 13.3-inch touch screen, Intel Core i7 CPU, and 265GB storage, among many other features. Google has cleverly built the keyboard with ‘hush’ technology, so you needn’t annoy fellow commuters with loud tapping, while its sensational battery keeps you going from noon to night.

Of course, high-end specs often come with horrific high street price tags. But not at Envirofone. Because our refurbished Google mobiles phones and devices are second-hand, we’re able to offer more considerable savings. And that doesn’t mean the products sold are inferior — oh no. We put all our refurbished Google Pixel handsets through a series of rigorous tests before sending them to your front door. Our 12-month guarantee also gives you peace of mind that you’ll get a like-for-like replacement should anything happen.

Buy a refurbished Google Pixel 2, 3, or 4 today, and you’ll be doing your bit for the planet — producing less CO2 over the device’s lifetime. Also, make sure to keep an eye out in a store for refurbished Google Pixel 5 handsets, the latest Android innovation.

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