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Summer Safety Tips

Lifestyle | by Charlotte Bolton | May 31, 2024

Summer Safety Tips

Summer is officially here bringing with it sunshine, warm evenings and the opportunity to enjoy that fresh air and get outside. But as we dive into the season full of beach trips, barbecues, and endless outdoor adventures, it's crucial to prioritise our safety. As fun as the Summer is it can also bring a lot of problems for day-to-day life, from protecting your skin to staying hydrated, there are several ways to ensure you and your loved ones enjoy a safe and healthy summer.

That’s why in this blog, we have listed 10 summer safety tips and electronic safety tips. Follow these tips carefully to ensure you have a happy and healthy summer!

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Why is it important to stay hydrated in the summer?

Probably the most important tip to consider when you are out in the sun is to stay hydrated. Water controls our body temperature and helps to deliver oxygen to the different parts of our body. When our body is lacking this water it’s called dehydration, which can cause problems with blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. If you are dehydrated in the summer especially, this can play a key part in getting heat exhaustion which is when you become dizzy, sick, or get headaches due to the temperature.


How to protect your eyes from hot weather?

Our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, we know not to look directly at the sun as this can cause eyesight problems, but this is especially prominent in the summer. Spending too much time in the sun without wearing some form of eye protection like sunglasses can lead to the formation of cataracts and worsening eyesight. As well as this, because the sun is so bright, we subconsciously find ourselves squinting when outdoors which again can have damaging effects on our eyesight in the future.


How can we prevent overheating in summer?

A very simple one which we still tend to forget is keeping our tech out of the heat. When temperatures are extreme, it can be very easy for our tech to overheat which therefore damages the device's processor ruining its durability. We understand that when you are out enjoying the heat it can be easy to forget about your smartphone and leave it in direct sunlight. To avoid this, we recommend leaving it indoors, keeping it in your bag or making sure it is in the shade before you walk away. These simple steps will help prolong your device's durability.


How to keep bugs away in summer?

It isn’t only important to keep our skin safe from the sun but also from bugs. If you are visiting a country where mosquitoes are common, it is crucial to use bug repellent because it serves as an effective layer of protection. We offer the best bug-repellent UK tips:

  • Repellent cream
  • Repellent spray
  • A mosquito net.
  • Covering up with clothing
  • Repellent patches
  • Mosquito bands
  • Indoor plugs
  • Repellent lamps


Is there a risk of fire in hot weather?

Summer brings with it many bonfires, camping and barbeque opportunities, but with it plenty of opportunities for fire hazards. When the rain doesn’t fall as frequently, the summer months can dry up occasionally meaning wildfire can spread easily, and quickly. Just be mindful of where you have these bonfires and BBQs and ensure you are following all safety precautions to ensure nothing goes wrong.


What are the safety tips on the road in summer?

Again, be mindful of the road this summer. Sunlight can easily affect your vision when driving which increases the risk of crashing. As well as this, our cars will heat up quickly during the summer, so don’t leave any valuable tech in your car which could overheat and don’t leave animals or children in the car for long periods as the weather can be too much.


Back up your tech:

It can be common for your electric devices to corrupt or lose data if it becomes too much. And since we never know when our device is going to become overheated, it's crucial to regularly back up your data to ensure it is all safe and stored in a secure location. It takes minutes to back up your data so don’t forget or else you could lose thousands of memories and other important information.


What is the best electrolyte drink for summer?

Electrolytes are crucial for our hydration, as they help to retain water within our cells and tissues. If you have enough electrolytes in your body this prevents dehydration, muscle cramps, fatigue, and heat-related illnesses. There are many electrolyte drinks:

  • Drink sports drinks
  • Drink coconut water
  • Take electrolyte tablets.
  • Fruits and vegetables


Do UV screen protectors work?

Screen protectors aren’t only great for keeping our phones scratch and dent-free. Increased exposure to sunlight can be harmful to our tech device screens with the UV rays degrading the quality of our display over time causing it to become discoloured. Some screen protectors are specifically designed to block harmful UV rays so it’s a good idea to look out for these options when purchasing. These protectors can help maintain the clarity and brightness of your screen by preventing UV-induced damage.


How to keep pets cool in summer?

And finally, make sure you regularly check up on your fur friends. Ensure their water bowl is always full up, they aren’t regularly in the sun, and they have somewhere to hide inside to relax. Pets cannot tell us when they are feeling overheated so make sure to look out for the signs. If you have a dog, ensure their fur is cut regularly and isn’t too thick and make sure if you do take your pups for a walk, it’s only for a shorter period and isn’t too exhausting.

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Hopefully, these tips will not only keep you safe this summer but also your technology. Maybe you’re considering getting more active this summer? We have a wide selection of wearables on our website waiting for you from Samsung watches to Fitbits. Take a look now at the availability and start your summer off the right way!

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