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Microsoft Xbox One 500GB - White - Refurbished Good

Xbox One

500GB | White | Refurbished Good
Microsoft Xbox One 500GB - Black - Refurbished Good

Xbox One

500GB | Black | Refurbished Good
Microsoft Xbox One 1TB - White - Refurbished Good

Xbox One

1TB | White | Refurbished Good
Microsoft Xbox One 500GB - White - Refurbished Excellent

Xbox One

500GB | White | Refurbished Excellent

Xbox One Reviews

About the Xbox One

For years the Xbox One has been a popular option for millions of gamers around the world. And for good reason. This slick console provides all of the performance power you need to play the best Xbox games while also keeping consistent communication with your teammates.

Packed with 500GB to 1TB of storage space, you can instantly go from one game to another without any delays. Though this may be an older model, it certainly still holds up to this day. Most of the games you play will hold at a steady 30fps with a reliable 1080p average video quality. It may not be the most powerful option out there, but it is certainly worth the price.

And with Xbox’s huge focus on backwards compatibility, this is a great option even in the long term. If you don’t know what backwards compatibility is, then let us explain. Backwards compatibility means that one console, whether it is an Xbox One or Series X, is completely able of running all games all of the way back to the Xbox 360. Meaning that if you don’t want to splash the big bucks on a Series X or S console, you can save a bit with a regular Xbox One.

All of your Xbox products are completely compatible across multiple generation consoles. Your Xbox One controller, for example, can also be used on the Xbox Series X and Windows PCs And that’s just one great thing about the Xbox controller. The controls and features that are packed into the controller are all incredibly useful to this day. The button layout is still very modern and all of the controls are a reliable choice in any game.

Not the right Xbox One console? You may be tempted by some of the other Xbox consoles we have available. The Xbox One X is another great option. It is a bit more expensive, but you will find that the frame rates, graphics and everything else make up for the price. A worthwhile option to your gaming setup. Or if you are lucky, we may even have an Xbox Series X up for grabs.

Rather than scouring the internet for a new Xbox One, you should consider a refurbished Xbox One console instead. Not only will you be saving money, but you will be getting a level of quality that is just like it is new. Don’t believe us? Then let our quality control test tell you otherwise. Every device you see on our store has gone through a rigorous 100 step quality control checklist. No product goes out or is used until it passes this test.

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