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5 Ways To Help Save Money

Lifestyle | by Charlotte Bolton | May 21, 2024

5 Ways To Help Save Money

Summer is just around the corner, holidays are booked, the school holiday countdown is on, and the weather is getting hotter, meaning everyone wants to be out enjoying that sunshine. But we understand that with all this excitement coming, it can be very draining on our wallets. So we have come up with some great ideas on how you can save your money to afford all these summer activities. We have some incredible options, let’s take a look. So what is the best way to save a lot of money?

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Why do users cancel subscriptions?

Within our daily lives, we join so many subscriptions that sometimes we completely forget what we have signed up for further forgetting the fact that money is slowly leaving our banks every month for these unknown subscriptions.

That’s why it’s worth going through all your subscription lists to check what you need and don’t need anymore, by cancelling even a couple of these subscriptions could save you up to £20 a month!


How can I save on my weekly shopping bill?

When you do the weekly shop, even if it’s just at a budget supermarket, we know how tempting it is to pick up some extra snacks and goodies that you know you don’t need that you think will keep you motivated for the upcoming week but just end up with you spending more. So, to cut back on this temptation why not begin online weekly shopping? Most big supermarkets offer an online shopping scheme where you can have your groceries delivered to your door so there’s no need to leave the house.

Online food shopping helps you save money for more reasons than one. Lots of online shopping features have exclusive online-only sales. Plus, you are saving on fuel as you will be cutting down on travel. It’s a win-win!


How does meal planning save money?

Similar to shopping online, meal preps are great because you know exactly what you are purchasing when you shop and won’t feel tempted to overspend. You can pre-plan what you want to eat for the upcoming week, keep a list of the essential ingredients you need and then when you go shopping you know what it is that you need to purchase. Simply shop smart, save money.

Another positive is you can take your time with the meal prep, choose some healthy options, a couple of cheat foods for the weekend and some other exciting options instead of picking up whatever looks good on the shelves. You can also download meal plan templates to help with organising your food schedule.


How much cheaper is refurbished?

Occasionally, we all love to treat ourselves to the latest tech gadget or smartphone, but sometimes we avoid it purely because the price is way too high. But what if we told you there was a way around that? With refurbished tech companies like Envirofone, you can save big on the latest and greatest smartphone and tech options from top brands like Apple and Samsung. All our products are tested and carefully checked to ensure they are working like new, then sold for a much lower price.

For further information, please see our refurbished guide.


What counts as a no-spend day?

And finally, a fun money-saving challenge to try out, the no-spending days. One weekend a month why not try to spend no money at all? Do activities like free museums, go on walks, watch a movie, play a board game then eat leftover food from the week previous. It’s a great way to get friends and family around have spent quality time together without spending a fortune.

By just having one free weekend a week this is perfect for spreading your budget that extra couple of days which we know makes a huge difference.


How Does Envirofone Contribute:

And whilst these money-saving tips are great, we have one more incredible way to earn money! With Envirofone Trade, you can hand in your old (damaged or not) smartphones and other tech and receive money in return. It’s all done online, and the process is super easy, make sure to go over to Envirofone Trade now and check out the steps.

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Hopefully, these ideas will help stretch your money out and maybe you have some other great money-saving ideas that we’ve missed out. As we said, we have some great refurbished options here at Envirofone, not just smartphones. We also offer tablets, laptops and more tech waiting for you.

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