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Refurbished Sony Phones

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Refurbished Sony phones  

Sony phones have a reputation for exceptional quality and performance, and for premium prices to match. But what if you could get your hands on a superb Sony smartphone for far less than the cost of a new one? You can. Simply choose one that has been expertly refurbished by Envirofone. 

If you mainly associate Sony with gaming consoles, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. As well as PlayStations, the Japanese giant produces a range of high-quality Android handsets under the Xperia brand. 


Why buy a Sony refurbished phone? 

When you're looking for a top quality phone at a bargain price, an expertly refurbished Sony Xperia from Envirofone ticks a lot of boxes. Especially if your priorities include a high-quality camera and long battery life between charges. Pin-sharp screen resolution too. Sony is the perfect phone choice if you love gaming and watching the latest movies in glorious HDR. 

The stylish displays are also tough enough to survive occasional scratches, bumps and drops. Unique Sony features include a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and a dedicated camera shutter button. 


Which refurbished Sony phone model should I buy?  

Sony has produced a lot of superb phones over the years, so there's amazing breadth of choice here at the Envirofone shop.  

Take the Sony Xperia XZ2 compact phone for example. When launched in 2018, it featured the world's first phone camera capable of shooting 4K HDR video plus superb slow-motion footage. Once it has been refurbished by Envirofone engineers, the XZ2 continues to be a superb all-round phone—as great for watching movies as for filming them. 

If you are looking for a phone with a great battery life then you could consider the Sony Xperia 5. The phone is slightly scaled back from the flagship Sony Xperia 1, but still retains a lot of the great features, including a long-lasting battery. 

Which refurbished Xperia is best for you? This depends on what you’re looking for in a phone. Explore all the options and compare features to make an educated choice. But first, brace yourself for the amazing savings Envirofone makes possible. 


How much are refurbished Sony phones?  

As you're about to see, Envirofone prices for refurbished Sony Xperia phones vary depending on their original price, age and demand. However, you can always expect to pay considerably less than the RRP for a new phone. Sony quotes £699 for a new Xperia 1 III, whereas you can expect to pay more than £200 less for its predecessor, a refurbished Xperia 1 II with Envirofone. 


Why buy a refurbished Sony phone from Envirofone?  


All Sony phones for sale via Envirofone have been meticulously cleaned, cleared of all previous data, and expertly refurbished. No gadget leaves our premises until it has passed a gruelling series of diagnostic checks. Our in-house technicians are sticklers for the highest standards, so you can be sure you're buying a phone that's going to look and work like new. Only the low price tells you it's second-hand. 

Best of all, you can buy from Envirofone with complete confidence. Feel free to return your refurbished device at any time during our 30-day cooling-off period. And that's backed by a 12-month warranty. 

Your phone will arrive contract-free, so you can simply insert your SIM and start enjoying that new smartphone feeling with money to spare. There's another big benefit too. Choosing refurbed tech is good for the planet as well as your pocket. Fewer precious resources are used to manufacture new phones, and we recycle efficiently so that nothing goes to landfill. 


 Can I trade in my old Sony phone?  

Yes. We buy as well as sell phones and technology of all kinds at Envirofone. 

You can sell your old device for cash right now.  

Even better, trade it in by choosing Envirocash and get a handy 12% extra towards any refurbished phone purchased from us. That's additional cash you can put towards any gadget from our superb range of refurbished technology. Remember, we sell refurbished tablets, laptops and games consoles too. If you're a Sony fan, why not explore our choice of low-cost PlayStations

Need it tomorrow? We deliver 7 days a week, Order before 4pm for same day dispatch. Fees apply for premium deliveries. 

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