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What is the Summer Black Friday Sale?

Once a year is a bit underwhelming, wouldn’t you agree? The Summer Black Friday Sale brings you the top deals that you want, but a lot earlier than you must wait. It may not be as popular as Black Friday, but it certainly delivers the best.

With the heat reaching its peak, now is the best time to find the hottest deals for all your tech.

Get Ready

We all want to have fun in the Summer and enjoy our time off. With such nice weather and so many events, no one wants the stress of rushing to get their tech sorted. The Summer Black Friday Sale is the perfect opportunity to have everything prepared for when you head off to university or college, or even return to work after a short break.

You can expect deals on absolutely everything. Mobile phones and laptops are always an amazing option. With the Summer Black Friday Sale, you might just be able to get your hands on the gadget you’ve been waiting for the best deal on.

When Is Summer Black Friday?

Our Summer Black Friday deal will take place on the very last Friday of June! In honour of Black Friday of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way. On the 28th of June you can expect massive discounts and lots of exciting devices to get your hands on. You only have one day, so it is important to be ready!

Simply can’t wait until the Summer? There is no need to worry. We have several upcoming deals that you should keep an eye on, and may be a few offers that you can get your hands on now...

Why Buy from Envirofone?

A lot of you may not be familiar with refurbishment or may prefer to buy new. But we are here to change your mind. There are a lot of good reasons why you should buy a refurbished product. The biggest one is always going to be that it is a money saver. By choosing refurbishment, you are paying a lot less for higher quality.

All the devices we have available are thoroughly repaired and tested to make sure the quality is as new. And we mean it when we say thorough. Every product must pass our extensive 100-point checklist. We will not give you any product that fails. Everything you see on our store works like it is brand-new. So, why not save yourself some dough today?

To make sure everything goes right, we have some added bonuses that you will want to know of. With every single product we include a free 12-month warranty. If anything goes wrong with your product over the course of a year, we will assist you. No questions asked. We don’t stop there. We are confident that you will love your device, but we are prepared if you do have a change of heart. Our 30-day cooling off period will allow you to refund without any hassle.

Everybody Wins!

Everyone and everything win when you choose to get your next phone or device from us. We are completely focused on the benefit of you and the environment. So, when you pick a refurbished iPhone or Android, you are making a fantastic choice. Every phone we receive is either repaired and refurbished to a top quality, or dismantled for key parts. Anything that is unusable is safely disposed of rather than lying to rot on a landfill site.

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Sorry, our offer is not yet live, but you can see what other products we have available on our shop.

Refurbished Phones

Why Buy Refurbished Mobiles with Envirofone?

Envirofone Shop glass

Who are we?

Envirofone is all about giving customers the best value and helping the environment at the same time. For 10 years we’ve been buying gadgets from customers across Europe and now, through Envirofone Shop, we aim to give customers even more value by offering premium 'quality guaranteed' products at a fraction of a 'brand new' price!

iPhone, charger and headphones

Our Products

At Envirofone Shop we offer ‘quality guaranteed’ gadgets at a fraction of the price. We ensure quality by putting our phones and tablets through a full diagnostic and visual check. We don’t just send you a phone or tablet, we also include: A personalised box and USB cable. See our product suggestions if you need some help on which phone or tablet to buy.

Phone warranty


We offer a 12 month warranty on all phones and tablets purchased via the website. This means you’ll have peace of mind when buying from us!

Delivery van


We provide free delivery on all our Phones, Tablets and Tech. Order before 4pm for same day dispatch. For information on delivery times, please visit our FAQ page.

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