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Refurbished Apple Macbooks

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Buy a refurbished Apple MacBook, and you can get your hands on one notebook computer that continually rises above the competition.

Whether it's a second-hand MacBook Air or a cool-as-you-like refurbished MacBook Pro, these devices raise eyebrows in the tech community with every upgrade. And best of all, you can get many of them for a fraction of the full retail price when you shop with Envirofone.

At the very top of the pile, you'll find our second-hand MacBook Pros. The latest models have incredible battery life, M1 chips for faster processing, and a design that exudes class.

Just take the Pro 13-inch 2020, for instance. It boasts a 2,560 x 1,600 Retina Display for crystal-clear browsing and an interactive TouchBar that shows shortcuts in a way no other manufacturer could pull off.

Why buy a refurbished MacBook?

If you're shopping for a cheap MacBook refurbished device, Envirofone is the best place to start. All our second-hand MacBooks are put through their paces to make sure they work as well as they did when they rolled off the production line.

At the same time, your refurbished Apple MacBook Pro or Air might have some minor cosmetic blemishes. They won't affect its functionality, but we can knock down the price based on appearance, giving you an even better bargain.

Buying an Apple MacBook second-hand is just one way to bag yourself some Apple tech from Envirofone. We also have a great selection of refurbished iPhones and iPads — and our stock is updated all the time as more devices pass our rigorous testing.

So, when it comes to buying a MacBook refurbished UK gadget-lovers don't have to look to international auction sites or dodgy dealers on discussion forums. You can get the notebook of your dreams right here.

Benefits of buying a refurbished MacBook

If you haven't bought a refurbished MacBook Air or Pro before, you're probably wondering whether it will work like new. But don't worry. Every MacBook that leaves our premises goes through a rigorous refurbishment process with a 100-point quality checklist.

So, whether you buy a refurbished MacBook Air 2017 or a refurbished MacBook Pro 2017, they'll look tidy and work flawlessly.

For added reassurance, we'll give you a 12-month warranty and free 30-day replacement if anything out of the ordinary happens. Not sure about Apple? You'll find plenty of other refurbished laptops in stock, all at excellent prices.

How to buy a second-hand MacBook

Browse through the different refurbished MacBook Air and Pro devices on this page to find one that fits your budget and needs. Once you've found the Apple of your eye, click on the device name to find the desired specification and condition.

All our refurbished MacBooks are in tip-top shape, but certain models are closer to 'brand new' than others. It's easy to see what condition it's in — just review the computer's rating for details of any minor cosmetic scuffs.

How much are refurbished MacBooks?

Naturally, the latest models come with a heftier price tag. So, if you're working to a tight budget, why not check out our Apple MacBook Air refurbished range? These are the Pro's smaller cousins, but you wouldn't know it if not for the size.

Suppose you want to go Pro, the year of manufacture matters. So, a refurbished MacBook Pro 2018 is likely to cost a bit more than a refurbished MacBook Pro 2015, for example, and a second-hand MacBook Pro 2017 will typically come somewhere in between.

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