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Refurbished Apple iPhones

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If you’re currently on the hunt for a refurbished iPhone, then your search should end here. On this page, you can line your pocket with the latest Apple handsets for a fraction of high-street prices. And the best part? You’d never they were second-hand.

What is a refurbished iPhone?

Every refurbished iPhone that leaves our premises goes through a 100-point quality check before arriving at your front door—which is often more than in the Apple factory itself! In fact, that goes for all our refurbished Apple products.

Our technicians will remove all data from the used handset, clean every millimetre of grime and dust from the chassis, and unlock the network so you can input any SIM card. They’ll also ensure everything’s working as it should under the hood, so your hardware and system are both super speedy.

But that’s not all. We’ll give you a 12-month warranty and 30 days to replace your iPhone if unsatisfied for added reassurance. That’s peace of mind with every purchase.

Why buy a refurbished iPhone?

When you buy a refurbished iPhone at Envirofone, you can make huge savings on Apple releases while feeling good about helping the planet.

Our refurbished iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max phones start at several hundred pounds less than those found in the Apple Store, and still work as if you’d bought one off the shelf. We pass these used handsets through a rigorous refurbishment process to get them looking and working flawlessly. For you, that means a flagship iPhone for less with no unnecessary harm made to the environment.

The same goes for our refurbished iPhone XR handsets, available in coral, black, red, blue, and a range of different storage sizes. Even our iPhone 8 and iPhone X refurbished devices work like they’ve been shipped fresh out of the Apple factory!

Want to gift a refurbished iPhone 11 Pro for an upcoming birthday? Or perhaps replace a broken handset without paying for expensive repairs? Whatever the situation, buying an iPhone refurbished is an environmentally friendly way to get the second-hand device of your dreams without paying retail prices.

Which refurbished iPhones models can I buy?

If we’ve listed the product on this page, it’s in stock and ready to buy. We have a sizeable spectrum of reconditioned iPhones spanning different budgets and specifications. One of our most popular handsets is the iPhone 12 refurbished, but you’ll find older models here, too, such as the following:

We’re continually updating our iPhone refurbished page with upgrades, so check back regularly to avoid missing the best offers and flagship handsets.

How to buy and choose a second-hand iPhone

Once you’ve got a refurbished iPhone in your sights, simply click on the device to choose your desired colour and condition. All our iPhones are in fantastic shape, but certain models are closer to brand new than others—that’s why each handset has a condition rating ready to review (from ‘good’ to ‘as new’). Once you’re happy, we’ll ship your iPhone in a padded box along with a FREE charging cable.

How much are refurbished iPhones?

Every iPhone we stock is priced according to its condition. So, naturally, those that are sold as ‘newly boxed’ will have a higher price tag than iPhones refurbished in ‘good condition.’ In any case, you can expect to pay less for a handset at Envirofone than one from the Apple store.

You can also make further savings by selling your iPhone, as we’ll give you 12 percent extra in EnviroCash to put towards an upgrade.

Need your refurbished iPhone now? Order before 3 pm today, and you’ll get free next day delivery at no extra cost.

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