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Rabbit R1 Explained

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Apr 29, 2024

Rabbit R1 Explained

It’s time to introduce a new aspect of AI tech, the Rabbit R1 AI Assistant. Created by Rabbit AI, a new artificial intelligence-based company, this device allows us to strip back the use of our smartphones allowing for a simpler, less-digital experience. Rabbit AI’s main goal is to help us live life in the present rather than through our screens, their new invention is very similar to the Humane AI Pin, however, has many new features and is a lot cheaper!

The R1 by Rabbit was announced at CES 2024, with a small batch available to pre-order on the same date. Now in April 2024, the tech is available for purchase with a small selection of people already receiving theirs. 

So let’s have a look at this new tech, comparing it to its competition the Humane AI Pin to see if the Rabbit R1 will be a success or a failure. 

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What does a rabbit R1 do?

The Rabbit R1 is a compact AI assistant with innovative technology that offers app integration and a user-friendly experience. With a pocket-size design the tech can easily fit in the palm of your hand the tech also sports a stunning orange look to it which gives the R1 a gorgeous retro feel. Much like a tiny smartphone, the device can play music, answer questions, call people and more by only pressing a couple of buttons. 

Running on RabbitOS, a personalised operating system through a natural language interface, the assistant has a 360-degree rotating AI-enhanced camera, is Wi-Fi enabled, supports 4G, has a SIM card slot, a MediaTek Helio P35 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Meaning it has it all, in a tiny compact design!

Not sure if this tech could get any better? Did we mention the Rabbit R1 device is very cheap, priced at under $200 with NO subscription required?


What is the point of Rabbit R1?

The Rabbit R1 revolutionises personal tech by using AI. It seamlessly integrates various services for a better digital experience. Users don’t have to interact with the device using apps and a screen, instead only a couple of buttons and voice command features are used. This allows users to strip back from the classic smartphone features just relying on the basic functions necessary. 


(It will be interesting, however, to see how this device compares to the Humane AI Pin. In one of our latest blogs, we mentioned how we weren’t keen on the price of the Humane Pin and that if it was cheaper it would have been received much better. The Rabbit R1 is exactly what we meant as a ‘budget edition’, so seeing the reception this product receives will be interesting.)

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We will also make sure to compare this tech to the previous tech when it is available.

We are excited to check out this new product. It’s exactly what we expected to come from the fall down of the Humane AI Pin. We hope that this device has taken on board the Humane Pins criticism, adapted its features and performs much better.

We cannot wait to review this product when it is officially out, whilst also comparing it to the Humane AI Pin seeing what worked and what needs dropping. 

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