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What is the Humane Ai Pin?

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Jan 08, 2024

What is the Humane Ai Pin?

Within the last 5 years especially, artificial intelligence has become a huge part of our daily lives. Almost all mobiles use AI, whether that’s through apps like ChatGPT, logging into your device through facial recognition or using your Google Assistant or SIRI. And with the new Humane Ai Pin, the world’s first completely ai technology device, the possibilities are endless.

In this blog we take a look at the recent AI debut of the Humane AI Pin, showing you what to expect and answering some common questions.


What is AI in simple words? - AI is the way that computers and machines think like humans and human intelligence, considering how much time a day we spend working with computers, it’s important that we all think alike to make this workload much easier.


What is the use of AI pin?

The Humane Ai Pin is a new smartphone like device created by Humane, a relatively new company which was founded by two previous Apple employees. It uses Ai to give users access to digital content services using voice, touch, and gestural commands. It is about the same size as a smartwatch, magnetically connecting to clothing projecting monochrome images onto surfaces allowing for users to call others, check the time and see photos. The AI Pin has no screen because flat surfaces are now your new screen. Their compact design makes them great for taking wherever you are, no longer restricting your phone size to the current size of your jean pocket.

The Pin has been confirmed to release in the USA in March 2024 for a minimum price of $699. As of yet, the humane ai pin uk release date in unknown. The prototype has now been showcased on the Humane YouTube channel and put onto their official website. Three versions of this product are available to purchase each with their own name, Eclipse, Lunar and Equinox.

  • Eclipse – BLACK -Super Matte Black on Black, high gloss black booster. ($699)
  • Lunar – WHITE - Polished Chrome on White, high gloss white booster. ($799)
  • Equinox – BLACK - Polished Chrome on Black Matte lack booster. ($799)

So with the Ai Pin now available on the ai pin website, let’s see what customers can expect to receive.


Is the Humane pin worth it?

Like we mentioned, there are three separate Humane Ai Pins available to purchase, one of them with a $100 smaller price tag and another being available in white whilst the other two come in black. We have discovered when viewing the information online, a monthly subscription of $24 a month is needed on top of the already paid $799 fee. We assume the humane ai pin uk price will be similar. The subscription includes access to the Ai Bus, which is an unlimited wireless service plan and cloud storage.

Subscription includes:

  • Phone number for your Ai Pin
  • Unlimited talk, text and data within USA
  • Voicemail and voicemail transcription
  • Three-way calling
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID

Each version has finely textured corning gorilla glass victus displays great for strength and drop proof. This glass specifically is used in small devices purposefully designed to be thin and light. As well as this, each is designed with high strength aluminium which works best for preventing your device from getting bumps and scratches whilst also allowing it to maintain that lightweight feel. Designed for fitting onto clothing, the Ai Pin has numerous ways for securely attaching with just one latch.

What comes in the box?

  • Charge pad
  • Charge case
  • USB-C adapter and cable
  • 2 battery boosters


What will future mobile phones be like?

As we have mentioned in past blogs, there has been an influx of new tech entering 2024. The introduction of rollable phones has proven that tech is moving in a completely new direction, with tech giants trying out all kinds of new and unique designs. And with this new AI Pin releasing that’s completely Ai dependant, it is likely that we can expect some further diving into this kind of tech, with companies like Apple and Samsung heading in the new direction of completely Ai tech.

Considering phone screens are quite restrictive with how creative companies can get, by completely removing them and focussing on the projection aspect is great for mobile giants to explore. At Envirofone, we also think that wearable tech will be expanded on, moving away from smartwatches and into new creative forms of tech.

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So what are your thoughts? Would you ever give this new form of tech a try? Or would you stick to the classic display of the smartphone? Will it be interesting to see this new form of smartphone and how it will work in day to day life.

Let us know in the comments your opinions. And if you aren’t a fan of this new design but still want to upgrade, our mobile phone options on Envirofone are great!

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