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What To Expect From Google’s Made By Google Event 2024

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Jul 11, 2024

What To Expect From Google’s Made By Google Event 2024

Where is the Made by Google event?

Made By Google is usually held in October of every year to announce the release date and features of the upcoming Pixel phone. This year, however, the event has been brought forward 3 months early to August 13th. The surprise announcement was theorised in June but confirmed a couple of weeks later by Google's socials when a teaser trailer was released on YouTube.

So let’s get into what this event is all about, and most importantly… why has it been brought forward by so much time!? Let’s get into it. Please note most information in this blog is based on rumours.

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Why has the Made by Google event been brought forward?

Simply put, the event has been brought forward to get ahead of Apple, literally! Fans are assuming the event is 12 weeks early to pre-empt Apple's iPhone 16 launch which is expected to be massive. The iPhone 16 launch will also release the iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence simultaneously, so Google wanted to beat Apple to the limelight considering the Apple event will be held in September, and the Google event WAS going to be held in October like the made by google 2023 event was.

There have also been a lot of leaks surrounding Google's Pixel 9 phone, with a video ‘leaking’ of the supposed Google Pixel 9’s surprise colour option which is bright, deep pink. We assume the event is being brought forward to keep all this under their control.


What to expect from Google in 2024?

There are expected to be a lot of new updates with this event, hence why it has been brought forward.

We assume we will hear plenty about the new Google AI features we will see be bought to the mobiles, including the rumoured:

  • Add Me – Edits the picture if you’re not in the frame correctly.
  • Studio – Built-in AI image generator.
  • Pixel Screenshots – Similar to the Microsoft Recall feature but for screenshots on Pixel.

As well as this, rumoured talk of the Tensor G4 Chip has got fans talking. We may see further technological enhancements to Pixel that will improve mobile computing. The Tensor G4 Chip will have a 3-core architecture and offer a better performance bump for mobile.

Finally, there has been talk of enhanced camera capabilities for the new Pixel 9. There has been talk of a possible dual-camera module for the regular Pixel 9, and an extra periscope camera on the Pixel Pro and Pro XL.


Is Google coming out with a Pixel 9?

Of course, we assume the Google Pixel 9 will be highlighting this event, but we have spoken about that in great detail in our past blog, Google Pixel 9 Leaked!, where we regularly update with important announcements and leaks.  


Other rumoured things being mentioned at Made By Google:

  • Adaptive touch further information.
  • Enhanced connectivity.
  • Further Android software

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We think this event looks very promising. Especially with the fact the event has been brought forward, it's clear we may be getting some big news. Do you think the release date of the Pixel 9 will be moved forward too? Would this influence your decision to buy the iPhone 16? We want to know! Tell us on our socials!

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