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6 Ways To Make An Eco Friendly Bonfire Night

Lifestyle | by Charlotte Bolton | Oct 27, 2023

6 Ways To Make An Eco Friendly Bonfire Night

Although Bonfire Night is a great time of year to gather with friends and family, grab some bonfire night food and watch the colourful fireworks in the black sky, did you know that they can also be extremely harmful to our environment?

When a firework is let into the sky, harmful bonfire night pollution gases like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and toxic metals like lithium are also released, as well as black carbon particles are released from the fire due to incomplete combustion which can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause irritation. Plus, many animals shelter inside the wood before the Bonfire is set which puts them in extreme danger.

And at Envirofone, we are all about helping not only our customers but also our environment. So that’s why in this blog we are here to show you 6 bonfire night safety tips. Forget those bonfire night events and make your own, let’s get right into it!

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Bonfire Night Positives: Bonfire Night Negatives:
  • Spend time with friends and family.
  • Staple annual celebration
  • Used to honour religious celebrations like Diwali
  • Entertaining
  • Exciting
  • Smoke can damage your lungs
  • Can cause damage to property
  • Expensive
  • Not always environmentally friendly


How do you make an eco-friendly Bonfire Night?

1. Eco-Friendly Fireworks:

If you are hosting your own Bonfire Night, the first thing to consider is what fireworks are you going for. Are you choosing bright-coloured ones that sparkle? Are you going for fireworks in the day or bonfires at night? Well, how about choosing eco-friendly fireworks? We aren’t making them up, they’re real!

Eco-friendly fireworks are great for the environment and are also easy to obtain. These fireworks tend to have reduced chemical content and produce clean burning, nitrogen-based fuel, which means only small amounts of the metal salt are needed and released into our environment. If you decide to buy fireworks like these in your upcoming display, which we encourage, make sure to opt for fireworks labelled as low noise and low smoke… as these are eco-friendly!


2. Biodegradable Lanterns:

Maybe you are thinking of using some Chinese lanterns for your guests to hold while watching the fireworks. Biodegradable lanterns are a great option, they will naturally break down over time leaving no lasting environmental impact. But although biodegradable sky lanterns are good for the environment, they will still take a while to break down.

What alternatives are available for fireworks?

  • Fly coloured kites.
  • Blow bubbles
  • Biodegradable confetti using dried autumn leaves or flower petals.
  • Ribbon wands
  • Digital fireworks – Put on a VR headset and watch the fireworks come to life!



3. Natural Fire Starters:

Instead of using chemical fire starters, consider using natural and sustainable alternatives like dried leaves and twigs. This approach is both eco-friendly and safe.

Lots of big Bonfire companies use chemical chain reactions to start their Bonfires, but instead of using these harmful chemical fire starts, consider using natural and sustainable materials like dried leaves and twigs, it may take slightly longer to get your fire started, but it's much more eco-friendly and safer, plus, a homemade bonfire is much smaller than an organised one, so your fire will quickly start up!


4. Wood from Sustainable Sources:

Use wood that is sourced from sustainably managed forests for your bonfire. Try to avoid treated or painted wood as this can release harmful substances when burned. Also, naturally sourced wood is much cheaper, benefitting your wallet!


5. Visit a Local Organisation:

Instead of creating your own Bonfire, why not visit an organised one? They offer the best fireworks. If more people visit these events and less make their own from home, this will cut back the number of fumes going into the atmosphere. You could even use local transport to get to the event, like a train or bus to cut back on emissions.


6. Energy-Efficient Lighting:

Finally, maybe you are just watching the fireworks from your home, the cheapest way to celebrate! Consider getting energy-efficient lighting like LED lighting in the home and low-watt bulbs which consume less energy and have a longer life span, you can get solar garden lights, which absorb the energy from the sun using solar panels and then convert this energy into light which is stored until it gets dark. And if you are wondering, do LED lights use a lot of energy, the answer is no!


What are the safety tips for fireworks?

  • Keep fireworks in a closed box.
  • Light fireworks at an arm’s length using a taper.
  • Supervise children and animals around fireworks at all times.
  • When lighting sparklers, use gloves.
  • Keep pets inside.
  • Build your bonfire away from sheds, trees and houses.


Which current phone has the best camera quality?

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How Envirofone helps the environment:

As we mentioned, Envirofone isn't only here for our customers but also for the environment. That’s why when you buy from us, all our products are ‘like new’ and refurbished to a high quality at a fraction of their original price!

So when you order a phone from us, you are also helping the environment, because refurbished tech reduces the impact on the environment by cutting the amount of wasted electrical components used further cutting down on energy and emissions.



Thank you for reading…Hopefully, this blog has provided you with the best ways to keep safe this bonfire night. Make sure to check out our mobile phones with the best phone camera lens on our website so you can capture the ultimate fireworks photo to amaze your friends. We have plenty of options available, from Apple to Samsung we have it all!

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